Can Mystery Shopping Be A Career Path?

Honestly, who wouldn’t like getting paid to shop or to eat at a restaurant? Mystery Shopping might sound like a dream job, but is it really worth it? I wouldn’t consider Mystery Shopping a career, simply because there aren’t many options for progression. You will most likely be a part of an agency, who liaises directly with the shop or restaurant, which is looking for a feedback on their service. However, this type of job, is actually a well-paid job, if you are willing to start working for a small amout of money to gain experience.

shutterstock_97220222Here’s what you need to know:

Mystery Shopping can be a fun way to earn money but you need to be aware, that it also takes up a lot of time after you’ve had the shopping experience. Most Mystery Shoppers spend hours after each visit writing a full report, with very precise details. You can earn up to £40000 a year and most likely keep all the items you buy, but only if you have the necessary experience. As you will most likely be a part of an agency, you’ll get to pick the jobs you want to do and sometimes even do a little bit of travelling. For more info visit

So, is it for you?

It might be a good idea to start taking on mystery shopping jobs, whilst still working full time or part time at the very least. In many cases, like if your job were to give feedback on a restaurant visit, you might only get a free meal and a voucher out of it, rather than actual pay. If you had to rate the service of a shop, you might have to pay for the items you have bought out of your own money. Mystery Shopping can be a full-time job, but it might take a while to get there.