Earn Extra Money As a Spare-Time Mystery Shopper When Studying

Spare-time jobs come in all shapes and sizes – and they can be quite stressful, too. Anyone who has ever managed the tills in a shop knows all too well how crazy the season rushes of shoppers gets, and those who have a history in bartending can’t even look at a pint glass without getting a pang of PTSD. No, when you’re studying, stressful spare-time jobs are not ideal. You need all your energy to focus on your studies, so a fun, energising and exciting extra job is what you want. Mystery shopping is exactly that.

shutterstock_306645953Work undercover as a secret shopper

A variety of businesses in the UK offer roles as mystery shoppers. The role typically takes you to retail shops, restaurants, cinemas and hotels and entails gathering information about how you are met by the people working there, your general impression of the store, what products are on display and if there are any managers present. Your job is to blend in with the regular shoppers or customers. Frequently the secret shopper is given a list of things to check for before visiting the location of the shop. Just like www.schoolapply.com helps you streamline your higher education application, so too can extra work mystery shopping help you in future jobs.

Benefits of mystery shopping

During your time as a secret shopper you will learn to work to and meet deadlines, as reports of your shops need to be filled out and handed in swiftly. Working “undercover” teaches you to be attentive and alert to customers as well as employees, and helps you gain an in depth understanding of customer care. Interacting with the employees of the sites you visit also provides you with excellent interpersonal skills and regularly sending off reports gives you a strong, structured work ethic. Furthermore, mystery shopping is an educative and fun way to earn extra money when you study.