How Much Can You Earn As A Mystery Shopper?

You love to shop and would like to get paid for it? Well, who would not? Mystery Shopping has been around for years and, for the most part, is really easy to get into. However, you need to remember that it requires a lot of work after the shopping experience too. You have to be able to give detailed feedback about the location and your experience. You will be asked to document information and to remember small details like the staff members name, the time you waited to be served or other specific requests. A mystery shopper can also not reveal that they are there to do a job.

shutterstock_306645953Does Mystery Shopping pay well?

Mystery Shopping was once paid extremely well and in some cases still is. However, as more people are willing to share their shopping experiences, the market has become more competitive. Many companies now offer very little pay for a job or provide discounts or vouchers in lieu of cash payment. Some experienced Mystery Shoppers, who have been doing this for years, can earn more than £40,000 a year. However, this is not common. All purchases you make whilst you are out shopping have to be paid for by yourself, before being reimbursed up to 90 days after. For information on courses in business or retail management, you can visit

Is it really worth it?

If you enjoy shopping or going to restaurants and do not mind sharing your experiences about the service you received, then why not? You will be given vouchers, discounts or even be paid for taking the time to do the job that you enjoy. It is also a good idea to be a mystery shopper if you like trying new places and shops or you have some spare time. To be honest, being paid anything or getting a free meal, seems a very good exchange for sharing your thoughts about your visit. So why not sign up and give it a try?