Important Qualities of a Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping is the best way for a brand to figure out what customers think of their service and support. This is a service which various organizations use to evaluate their employees and the service offered to customers.

Mystery shoppers behave as regular shoppers who carry out their assessments in professional and objective ways. The results of these assessments are recorded in questionnaires, which are then returned to their organization for reporting and collation to the client.

Here are a few important traits which a mystery shopper must possess:

Observation download-7and the recall skill

It is very important to know what you have to be aware of and to look out for those things
without drawing any attention to yourself. Remember, you are not going to be able to walk around with a clipboard in your hand assessing everything. You will need to have sufficient recall skills to be able to absorb all of the information required to complete assessments once you are outside the place.


Your reputation, as well as the reputation of the research company you are representing, will be on the line. You will have to perform the job with integrity. Do not second guess anything. Under no circumstance should you fabricate answers for questions. If you are having any doubts, just go back and double check.


You should always do exactly what has been agreed upon within time. If you are unreliable, you will not only jeopardize the project, but you may not get invited for jobs in the future either.


You will have to be objective and only report on the facts instead of giving your own opinion. In certain instances, you might be asked for your opinion as a customer, but this will be communicated to you clearly from the start.