The Do’s and Don’ts of Mystery Shopping

If you want to be good as a mystery shopper, there are a few things you will need to do and a few things you will need to avoid. Here is a small checklist to help you out:

To do

  • Research well. Learn the figures and facts of the business.
  • Find out about the retur
    ns you are going to get, the date of the shopping, and if there are any expenses, you would need to pay.
  • Get registmystery-shopperered with a reputed company which is popular and trains mystery shoppers.
  • Always give notice to your company if you can’t complete a job so they can find a replacement.
  • Go through all of the instructions provided for every job carefully. If you have doubts, have them cleared right away.
  • Always be precise with your answers. Do not offer your opinion unless you are specifically asked for it.
  • Visit stores during rush hour. This is the best time for you to scrutinize employees since they will be busy with all the customers instead of focusing all their attention on you.
  • Since you are only pretending to be a customer, be sure to compare your results with feedback from real customers too.

Not to do

  • Avoid companies that are only interested in profits and don’t focus on training their mystery shoppers.
  • Ignore any undesirable emails which claim that they can get you mystery shopping jobs where you don’t have to leave the house.
  • Stay away from websites which ask for a fee in order recruit or train you.
  • Don’t take up jobs you aren’t sure you’ll be able to finish. Never betray your employer.
  • Do not make excuses for not being able to complete tasks.
  • Don’t lie in your reports just to try and impress your clients. Always stick to the facts.
  • Avoid getting caught when you are mystery shopping.