What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shopping is a terrific way for you to make a few extra bucks in your free time. In fact, there are some people who even make a living just through mystery shopping.

There are a number of comercial-otros-mystery-shoppingcompanies who will pay you to eat at restaurants, shop, and join focus groups.

A mystery shopping trip basically consists of being paid for going to an establishment without the knowledge of its employees and reporting the experience to your mystery shopping company.

Focus groups are where you get paid for sitting down with others just like you and talk about products or services.

It is easy to find jobs or focus groups related to mystery shopping if you live in a metropolitan area.

Once you complete a mystery shop, you will need to answer a few questions and file a report with your company. There shouldn’t be too many questions for you to answer and it should not take much time.

The reason mystery shopping exist is for companies to get feedback on the way their products and services are. This can help them find problems and make the changes needed to improve everything.

You will find a lot of information on mystery shopping on the internet once you get passed the shopping websites which are trying to sell you something. One important point to remember, mystery shopping companies are never going to charge you fees in order to join them. So if a site you’re on is asking for a signup fee, you’re in the wrong place.

Be sure to read any free information you may come across with regard to mystery shopping. You need to become just like a reporter. Never add your personal feelings to mystery shopping reports. You just need to report facts and nothing else. Do not give your recommendations no matter what.